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Aloft Brussels Schuman
Place Jean Rey · Brussels1040 · Belgium  · Phone:
+32 2 800 08 88
· Fax:
+32 2 800 08 99
Local Time:
9:37 PM
· Weather:
A few clouds,
11 °C


Aloft Brussels Schuman is the fresh, fun alternative that celebrates the individual and gives you freedom to control and customize your travel adventure to fit your personal style. So, we’ve streamlined our services so you can choose what you want, when you need it. 

  • We offer breakfast packages that cost just €6 for 3 items or €10 for 5 items. No need to pay for a full buffet if you only want a coffee, croissant and orange juice.
  • Eat in re:fuel our grab'n'go food concept for travellers who can’t wait. No hassle with room service and extra charges.
  • We’re tech savvy. Don’t pay for WiFi or printing a boarding pass; it is free of charge
  • Choose between our laundry services or opt to do it yourself in CLEAN, our self-service laundry. The choice is yours.
  • Our front desk is your one stop solution. Our young, hip and vibrant staff know the area and will get you where you want to go. Who needs a concierge?
  • The option to check-in and out with SPG Keyless 

Oh, our doors open automatically, so no doorman needed either!



At Aloft Brussels Schuman we take a fresh, energetic approach to everything thing we do. We want to make sure that each of our guests get the full Aloft experience and to do this we need upbeat, social and tuned-in people to bring our values to life. Here you've got the chance to meet the people that help us to make this happen! With people from Latvia to Morrocco, here in Brussels we are lucky enough to have just about the best Talent there is.



What was your favorite age?

I am still in my favorite age, my twenties have been amazing.

And when you were a child, what was your favorite thing to do?

As a kid, I loved building a fort, any kind of fort. Tree houses, forts on the beach, underground tunnels. We did a lot of playing in the woods



What was your most important good deed? 

I saved someone’s life, a father and daughter were drowning. Between the beach and the river in Morocco. It is dangerous there, and they didn’t know. The father thanked me every day, he still calls me to thank me. I just followed my instinct.

As a kid, what was your favorite thing to do? 

Dishwashing, cooking pastries! I love the kitchen!



What makes you different from others?

We are several people in my mind, the combination of all different parts of my personality that makes me who I am.

When you were a child what was your favorite thing to do?

Dance! Always dancing, I started when I was three, I was semi-professional when I was 12. Mainly musicals. We had our own TV show for three years, I was a regular on TV in that time!